Brownsburg Community Association and Brownsburg Museum Events


Museum Opens for 2018 Season

The Brownsburg Museum will reopen on April 1, 2018 at 1:00 pm with a new exhibit.  Stay tuned for details.
Founders Award
The Historic Lexington Foundation (HLF) will present its Founders Award to the Brownsburg  Museum at its annual meeting at nearby New Providence Church on April 8.  This annual award recognizes organizations and individual making significant contribution to the preservation of local culture and history.  In the twenty plus years of the Founder’s Award, this is only the second selection outside of Lexington municipality!  This indicates a growing recognition of the quality of the village museum.  The event includes a briefing on the history of the church, refreshments and an operating tour at Wades Mill and a visit to the museum with the opportunity to meet the exhibit curators.